QP Advisory is Scott Campbell

Delivering the Total Service Package

I founded QP Advisory, LLC in 2009 after spending 19 years working as a TPA, then as a broker, then as a Sales Rep.  My extensive background and experience in the retirement plan industry are rare. 

I have the experience to handle all aspects of my clients’ plans.  I help and advise employers to manage their plan, meeting their fiduciary responsibilities.  I also help and advise employees on how to best use their plan.

Below is an overview of my background:

Scott Campbell

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I started in the world of 401(k) plans as a Third Party Administrator.  For seven years I learned plan compliance – drafting plan documents, conducting discrimination testing and preparing 5500 forms.

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Next, I became the 401(k) Director for an Executive Benefits firm in LA.  For three years I learned about customer service coordinating open enrollment meetings, preparing plan reviews and conducting vendor searches.

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Sales Rep

Then I became a sales rep for a Fortune 500 insurance company selling 401(k) plans to employers.  I learned how 401(k) products are designed, serviced and priced.  Over eight years I sold more than 2,000 plans and met with over 5,000 employers who were not happy with their plan.