The Total Service Package

Helping Employees

Multi-Cultural Office Staff Sitting Having Meeting Together

Employees want personal guidance  saving for retirement.  They want someone who will sit across the table to help and advise them. 

They want to know everything is going to be OK.  And if things aren’t looking so good, they want solutions they can actually put into action.

I provide personal guidance to all employees, meeting with them initially and on an ongoing basis.



  • Face to face, one on one meetings  
  • Explain the plan, answer questions  
  • Advise  
  • Help sign up  


  •  Face to face, one on one meetings  
  •  Help people to re-start and save more  
  •  Retirement income projections 
  •  Email updates 


  •  How much to save  
  •  Where to invest 
  •  Retirement planning 
  •  Rollovers 

Help Anytime

  •  Via phone, email or text    
  •  Answer questions  
  •  Give advice 
  •  Meet in person 

Helping Employers

Confident business people

Because I give advice, I become a plan fiduciary.  As such, I manage all of the plan’s fiduciary responsibilities for the employer.



  •  Select the fund menu   
  •  Select the Target Date Funds   
  •  Quarterly Due Diligence   
  •  Add & replace funds as needed   

Vendor Search

  • Detailed analysis and comparison of several appropriate vendors.  Features, benefits, processes and fees are compared side by side.  
  •  Recommendation  
  •  Retirement income projections 
  •  Email updates 

Annual Plan Review

  • Fund review   
  •  Fee benchmarking  
  •  Plan demographics  
  •  Vendor services  

Fiduciary Duties

  •  Draft Investment Policy Statement  
  •  Advise employer   
  •  Document all decisions  
  •  Meeting minutes  

You’re busy running your business. I understand! That’s why I take care of your 401(k) plan.